Designated COVID-19 Unit

The Anderson Nursing & Rehabilitation facility, has completed instituting a designated and isolated COVID-19 Unit that is separated from the rest of the facility. The Unit has the following attributes that are designed to both care for recovering COVID-19 patients and to keep the facility’s regular resident population separated and safe from potential exposure:

1. Isolated Unit where NO other patients are dwelling.

2. Fire rated compartment doors that will remain closed at all times to form a barrier that will keep residents isolated within the unit.

3. There is a voluntary dedicated staff that will ONLY be working the isolation unit, and will have zero contact with the rest of the facility.

4. There is a separate, designated entrance/exit that leads directly out of the facility that will be utilized by any staff/residents/emergency personnel needing to have access to the unit.

5. The air circulation has been turned off for this unit so as not to circulate any air from the unit to the rest of the facility.

6. Adequate supplies of PPE have been designated for use within the unit, including N95 respirator masks, surgical masks, protective face shields, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizers/soap, etc.

7. Biohazard bags/bins are in place to ensure separate and proper disposal of any contaminated waste materials and linens.

8. Meals to the unit will be provided on disposable trays and use disposable utensils so as not to contaminate any supplies.

9. All nursing supplies, medication carts, cleaning carts and supplies, documentation materials, etc. will be kept permanently within the confines of the unit for the duration of its use.

10. Staff working the unit will also have dedicated uniforms to change into and out of at the beginning and end of their shifts along with a shower for their private use prior to leaving the unit and exiting outdoors.

11. The dedicated Unit staff have their own telephone located on the unit for communication with other staff, families, and emergency personnel.